Church Planting and Evangelism

India is home to the largest concentration of unreached people in the world. According to the U.S. Center for World Missions, nearly 1/3 of the world’s 7,000 unreached people groups reside in India. Eighty-three percent of people in India reside in rural villages and towns. Jesus Holy Church is focusing on planting churches in these villages to reach the masses. Our native missionaries are working in different unreached regions of India. We are seeing tremendous growth among these people. Our goal is to send out thousands of church planters to the harvest field.

You can sponsor a missionary for $100 a month and enable these missionaries to share the Gospel of Christ. This money will be used for their living expenses, their children’s education, and their medical needs. A native missionary in India has his advantages. He and his family can survive on only $100 per month! He knows the language and customs of his people; he is accustomed to the food and poor living conditions. He is a powerful tool in the hand of God to reach his fellow countrymen. Can you help support and grow this ministry by supporting a church planter with a gift of $100 per month?


I am Pastor Devedas, my wife and I have been serving the Lord in the midst of rural villages of our backward area and saving the perishing souls for Christ by the Grace of our Lord. I have been doing full time ministry for the last seven years. All the believers and the people who are coming to our congregation are all poor and backward. I cannot help them being poor myself. My area is a slum area, heavy with mosquitoes, so there is a lot of malaria and diseases. Our burdens are heavy. Please pray for us and provide support to further the Gospel.
Thank you & regards
Pastor Devadas.

Dear friends in Christ:

Greetings to you in the mighty name of the Lord and savior Jesus Christ

I am Pastor Daniel from Jesus Holy Church,Tribal colony and we are continuing to serve the lord and am spreading the word of God in the tribal villages .I am attending the pastors meeting with Brother. Pastor Suresh ,regularly.

Our tribal people are uneducated and they don’t know how to write and read the local language.. Our church tribal people are very poor and lack proper food, clothing,, and shelter. Men go hunting in the forest and women and children beg for food in the villages streets. They are not able to support my family.

Please kindly pray to support my family and our Gospel work. I am visiting the interior tribal villages to spread the Gospel. I am facing a lot of warnings and troubles in the forest area. Some people have taken me and my wife as captives and warned us not to speak to the tribal people about Jesus Christ. Please pray for our work. Please remember us in your prayers. We will continue to pray for you.