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The Spring is a passionate and determined group of monthly givers on a mission

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The Spring is a passionate and determined group of monthly givers on a mission

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About Us

Our Mission

Jesus Holy Church Ministries actively seeks to save the lost in India, turning souls from darkness to light.

  • Main churches are in Hyderabad and in Giddalur.
  • To date there are 35 branch churches.
  • .Actively involved in slum areas bringing Gospel and helping wiith physical needs.
  • Working with 300 tribal areas to introduce them to Jeus and working to give them a better life.
  • Actively doing outreach services throughout the year

The Lives We impact

We are actively reaching out to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. We started in 1985 with 5 people. Today we have 2,500 people in our church congregation. We have 3 main churches, 35 branch churches,and have worked in over 300 villages. We host several outreaches eachyear in tents near village areas We also provide for the physical needs of our people. Our projects include supporting orphans, the widows and the aged, starting Child Development Centers, providing clean water resources, sponsoring medical camps, building schools, and teaching tailoring trade,.

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Help Grow Our Ministry

-Equip the mission field: we need motorbikes for pastor's transportation from one village to another village; we need Bibles, gospel media and a van.
-Chruch Planting and evangelism: Please consider sponsoring a Pastor. A native missionary in India knows the language and customs of his people and is used to the poor living conditions. He and his family can survive on $100/month. With your support he can spend more time in the ministry field to seek and save the lost.
-Help us to build churches in more areas. Most of our churches are either tents or rented rooms. It is difficult to rent a room in a Hindu country. Christians are hindered from freely acquiring space. WIth your help we can reach more people.


News Feeds

January 2015

Youth Retreat

over 300 attended January 2015

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New Years Service

Over 2,000 people attended Giddalur church

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July 2013

Gospel outreach

In remote area near Giddalur - July 2013

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