Main church in Hyderabad

Pastor Suresh started this church in 1998. He also Pastors 2 other branch churches in slum areas of Hyderabad. He Pastors a total congregation of 300. Please continue to read below.

Pray to provide financial support to help finish this church, to put a roof, a floor, and bathroom facilities.

Pastor Suresh was forced out of the rented space where he was holding his service. Over the years he has run into numerous problems finding a space to rent for service as the Hindus try to block the growth of Christians. This year Pastor Suresh and his congregation purchased land to build their own church. All of their money went to purchase the land. Church members dug around the property and built a retaining wall, then they all pitched in and laid the cement blocks. The outside structure is complete, but church needs a roof, floor and bathroom facilities. We are walking by faith believing that God will provide the funds to finish building this church, praying to get it finished before the rainy season. We are praying that God will touch hearts of believer's like you to donate to build this church, so we can continue to do His work and save souls.

This was the first church service in the new building. They were all so happy. But there is only a tent covering as the roof, rugs on the floor and no bathroom facilities. Believeing God to provide. Please pray to come forward and help finish this church. .

Church members and the Pastor worked hard to build the church for the first service to be on New Years Day. See below Pastor Suresh, his wife Jyothii and his two sons. Also pictured is Pastor Michael Sove, from the U.S. Pastor Michael visits everyear. They dedicated the building and then decorated for the celebration.

Since they did not have a church any longer, the Pastor and congregation bought some land. Church members are building the church themselves, block by block. Please pray to come forward to help build the rest of the church. By donating to this building, you will be fulfilling what Jesus told us to do- to go out and spread the Gospel and save souls. (Matthew 28: 18-20)

This picture below was taken in 2014 in a rented building . Shortly after this picture was taken, Pastor Suresh was informed the space would no longer be availabe for him to hold his church service. In India it is difficult for Christians to find space, as the Hindu people do not want Christians in their area. That's why Pastor Suresh is praying for people to come forward and support the building of a church (see pictures above).